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Osatsu-kamado Ama Hut Experience

Who are the Ama?

 The Ise-Shima region faces the beautiful Pacific Ocean. People here still use marine products similar to long ago, and today, about 500 ama still live and work in the area. The average age is around 70, with the oldest ama well into their 80s. Ama have a reputation for being very strong, hardworking, and cheerful. Their ability to support their families through diving has become legendary throughout the country.

 When the ama dive, they use a special breathing technique that makes a unique whistling sound. The whistle is called Iso-bue in Japanese. It helps ama control their breathing after consecutive dives, preventing damage to the heart and lungs. The ama's whistle is one of the 100 Views and Sounds of Japan.

 The oldest record of ama is in a story written in 3 A.D. Understandably, people living on an island dove to gather food from the sea, and ancient shell mounds found all around Japan indicate this livelihood.

 Ama love the sea, live with the sea, and give thanks to the sea, so they follow their own rules by not using diving apparatuses to deter the overfishing of marine products.

What is an Ama Hut Experience?

 At the ama hut, the ama bring their deep connection with the sea to life.

 Guests are treated to an extraordinary meal of freshly caught seafood, including succulent Ise-ebi lobster, abalone, plump scallops, and grilled octopus, all expertly prepared over a charcoal grill. The rich, smoky flavors are complemented by the natural beauty of the coastal setting, creating an unforgettable experience that offers a deep appreciation for the ocean and the traditions of the Ama divers.

 By visiting the Amagoya, ama can supplement their diving incomes, and the locally caught seafood supports the ama and fishermen alike. It's a delicious celebration of the sea, a tribute to local culture, and an experience that leaves a memorable mark on all who visit.


 This roomy ama hut is located near a tranquil fishing port and serves meals to its guests in a relaxing atmosphere.


 This ama hut stands on the quay with a beautiful ocean view.
 You may have a chance to see real Ama Divers diving into the sea if you are lucky.


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※From Toba to Osatsu, please use a rental car, Kamome-bus, or a taxi.
(Taxi service is limited and may not be available at specific times)

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Coordinates E 34.388261 N 136.909050

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The bus departs from the #5 bus stop and is headed for Kuzaki (国崎).
A regular bus ticket will cost ¥600 and it will take approximately 45 min to reach Osatsu.

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Other Areas of
Interest in Osatsu

Shinmei-Shrine “Ishigami-san”

Shinmei-Shrine “Ishigamisan” Map

 The ama divers and fishermen of Osatsu pray to Ishigami-san, the goddess enshrined at the approach to Shinmei-jinja, for protection and safety when they fish.

 However, Ishigami-san gained widespread fame outside of Osatsu for her mystical power to realize one wish for women, bringing visitors from all over Japan.

 Long ago, ama used to believe there were monsters in the sea, so they drew symbols called Doman-Seiman on their tools as talismans to protect them from evil. Visitors can buy talisman charms with the same markings beside the entrance to Ishigami-san's shrine.

Osatsu Ama House Gozaya
(Remodeled from an old private residence)

Osatsu Ama House Gozaya (Remodeled from an old private residence)

■Admission: Free
 (Phone) 0599-33-7453


 This reformed ama residence houses ama-themed arts and crafts and highlights Osatsu's culture by offering a variety of local products. From handcrafted jewelry made from sea glass and shells to sustainably sourced food products, every item in the store is connected to Osatsu.

 The assortment of local seafood products allows visitors to enjoy the flavors of our coastal waters. This unique selection not only supports the locals and their crafts but also invites visitors to take home a piece of our lifestyle, keeping the magic of the ama and the taste of the sea in their memories long after they've left.

 Gozaya is more than just a retail space; it's a symbol of Osatsu's connection with the sea and its commitment to sustainability.

Osatsu Kitchen 0032

Osatsu Ama Culture Museum

■ Hours: 9:00~17:00
■ Closed: Wednesdays
■ Inquiries:
 (Phone) 0599-33-6770


 Osatsu Kitchen 0032 is a small restaurant committed to sustainability. They use seafood byproducts, small unsaleable fish from the main haul called zako, to create tasty fried snacks while minimizing waste.

 Also, community members (including ama) gather and process a local type of seaweed, agar agar, to create a colorful gelatin drink unique to Osatsu Kitchen.

Osatsu Ama Culture Museum

Osatsu Ama Culture Museum

■ Admission: Free
■ Inquiries:
 (Phone) 0599-33-7453


 This small information center is located in the heart of Osatsu on the lead-up to Shinmei Shrine. There are exhibits and information panels explaining some of the history of the local ama divers and details of their profession.

 Because of its location, a lot of the locals will pass by on their day-to-day routines.

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